Slow Readers Book {New Book and Giveaway} {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

First off, THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience, your emails and most importantly your support. I'm really excited to announce the third book for The Slow Readers Book Club. If you are not familiar with Slow Readers, read all about it here.

The admins who help run Slow Readers have a love for literacy and expanding our own personal library. We wanted this book club to be as our manifesto says, "To take the time to slow down...and this isn't your mama's book club". After discussion we decided it'd be best if we chose the books. We love democracy. We love you. We just didn't like the choice of books some were being voted for- the majority of votes for the books didn't represent us as a book club, and just a reminder- this is not Oprah's Book Club, this is The Slow Readers. If you have suggestions for the next book, please email me. I'd love to hear the next book suggestion. We are not taking suggestions for best sellers in the US- yes, they are best sellers for a reason, but probably because hundreds of other book clubs are reading them.

The People of Paper

People of Paper

On to the book! We are so excited to present The People of Paper, by Salvador Plascencia. We chose this book for a number of reasons. He's a McSweeney's writer (not because I know someone who's a McSweeney's writer). The People of Paper is also available in different languages, different continents, and available in local libraries. The forum was filled with frustrated international readers, and readers who are on a budget. We are trying to make this club available to everyone, not just Americans.

People of Paper Translation

in Romanian, in Polish, in Italian, in French, available to purchase in the UK, available to purchase in New Zealand and Australia. Amazon US also has The People of Paper available for a great price, and the best part? It's partially available on Google Books, for those who want a digital book.

The book will be "due" on August 15, that means we have all Summer, and this will give us a few days to decide on the next book. Happy reading!

EDIT: The giveaway part! I'm giving away a new copy of the book to a Slow Reader member. Since this is starting today, and I don't want this giveaway to interfere with the current giveaway, this giveaway will end on Monday. That way I'll ship it out to you right away. Just leave your email so I can contact you if you win. I'll choose a winner Monday morning, via RANDOM.ORG.