RIP Louis


This is my beloved Louis XVI French Sofa. Mold was in the inside of the leg when it went for a cleaning. As much as I loved this couch, I didn't want it to harm my family or pets so I had to give it up. I normally don't attach myself too much to furniture, but this was such a beautiful couch, and I regret not taking enough photos with it. This couch also inspired one of my best selling photos


I feel silly feeling so attached to furniture- it certainly wasn't an heirloom, and I didn't even purchase it. This couch came with a living room set of pink furniture and the set was a whopping $20, and my parents paid for it (yes, I was that broke at one point when I was single) and covered the cost of the cleaning.

When I took it the piece to get it polished and steamed, the cleaner mentioned I should have it priced and documented. It was like something out of Antique Roadshow- my little pink couch was being inspected and admired. Unfortunately old age took over and was worthless. To me, however, it will always be priceless. This was after all, the first couch my husband and I had together. I'm so lame, aren't I?

Am I alone here or have you ever experienced something like this?