Penguin Ink

If you frequent this blog, readers would know I love books and tattoos. The combination of both? Love.

Penguin has a new limited edition book designs- Penguin Ink. Tattoo inspired book covers! I eyed a beautiful cover of Money in the bookstore, and wondered what other Penguin Ink designs were available. Below are my favorites.

Bridget Jones

waiting for the barbarians


The broom of the system

After going digital with most of my books, I kept only my first editions, and ones with such beautiful covers as this collection. I love all books, but when you have a love of books, marry a librarian with a love of books, live in a small apartment, something has to go. 
Plus, don't even get me started on the argument on digital vs paper.  I'm a huge advocate for reading. I love seeing a person in a long line on an e-reader, or iPhone/iPod touch reading, when they normally would never pick up a book. I have a love/hate relationship with technology, but it does have it's perks, such as making reading more convenient for those who wouldn't otherwise. 
However, these will be happily added to my printed book collection.

You can see more here, but of course, Amazon has the better deals here.