LEGO Camera Review

Most women would spend money saved on a cute pair of TOMS wedges. After seeing this camera, I gave up the wedges and opted for a toy. Yes, a toy.

Lego has expanded the iconic plastic bricks to make everything from 

Lego Kitchen Container Set

, to this adorable camera. I must have misread the reviews on Amazon, because one of the main reasons I purchased this was to


the camera. You can take the camera apart and build upon it, but it already comes built.


Besides the camera being beautiful, it's small, but not any smaller than my Canon PowerShot. Once I opened up the package, of course, I accidentally dropped the camera. It was like watching it in slow motion. I had images of little pink and white blocks all over the floor, but thankfully, it's quite sturdy.

Pink Lego Camera

The LCD screen is sharp, and for being 1.5", it fits a lot of info- the battery life, the number of shots taken (up to 80), if the flash is on or off and of course, the view.

Pink Lego Camera back view

view from the camera. It's 3 MP, so don't expect high resolution.


There is no SD card, or download to your computer. It's automatically imported into your computer via USB. It's Apple friendly, too! I had no problems on my iMac or MBP.

Fable was my model, and I shot indoors, with natural daylight.


The flash is really harsh for indoors or outdoors. It's horrible at night, too. I didn't even bother uploading those, it was flash of white light, barely making out what's behind it.


I could be completely honest and say the quality is horrible, but since I love Lomography, and toy cameras, I actually really like this camera. If you are looking for a quality camera, this is not it.  This is a toy. My cell phone takes better photos than this. If you want a dreamy digital effect, then this is a fun camera to play with.


Get your own on here