Age appropriate not optional.

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." - Chili Davis

Childish Things 2

You'd never believe my office is of a woman's of 29. It looks like a tween's room. Hello Kitty memorabilia, piles Kawaii stationery, soft girlish trinkets, Paul Frank anything and everything, a bright pink ball point pen to sign checks (so professional, right?), manga, Star Wars toys, and juvenile baubles that well, only juveniles would like. (Hey, at least I'm not dressing like a juvenile).

Peeps Lip Balm
Childish Things

As I get older I'm drawn to the bright, loud and cute. I've had remarks from (old) friends that it's immature, and not age appropriate. Age appropriate? According to whom? Since when does liking something cute have anything to do with age?

I've never been so happy to get a small wound

I've had enough experience, and tragedy for my life to make me grow up- and fast. My childhood consisted of my head being stuck in books to escape reality. I still love books, of course, but I no longer shy from what I like. I'm tired of everything being so 'by the book'. I may be older but I've got a mad Lisa Frank collection stuffed in my parents garage I can't wait to dig up.

Paul Frank Lip Balm

One of my favorite cute things I own? This handmade wooden doll from Gabbi. One of my favorite etsy purchases.


The old proverb, "Everyone is the age of their heart" is more believable now than ever.