Adeline sent me a birthday gift (a little but worth the wait!) I love it.

Present from Adeline

I walked to the library this week and read the science in the optics, quite fascinating, even if most of them were children's books.

kaleidoscope colors

The cartography adornment also reminds me of LOST- which I'm hoping to be home for to watch the FINAL episode. I remember I was so confused by this show when I randomly watched it on the tele, but this year I finally sat down, watched the episodes from beginning and loved it.
I loved all the seasons (minus season 2, with the dreadful writer's strike) and I'm going to miss Desmond and Hurley.
If I invested 150 hours of this year watching it, I can't imagine what other viewers feel like when they committed themselves for six years. Maybe something like this...?

Did you watch it? I'm curious what your favorite storyline was.