Ok, my tattoos are now somewhat healing. They are still really swollen from the heat, and in the "peeling" stage. They are itchy, and my sweater sleeve can barely slip on my left arm right now, but it's worth it, right? I can't wait until they are healed.
I spent a total of 29 hours in a chairs (not all at once!) and so far, this is the outcome.


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I wanted a couple pieces from Sam, from matouenpeluche . You can check out all her work in her etsy shop. Amazing, right?

Sam's Design 11

Sam's Design

I'm not done with my Diana Camera and my butterfly tattoo, because honestly, I couldn't spend another minute under the needle after 6 hours. My next visit, they'll be colored.


{Unfinished} Diana

My tattoos were done by Sid Stankovitz from Sid's Tattoo Parlor in Santa Ana. If you are in the OC area, go say hello and tell him I sent ya!