Photography Is For Lovers

The Is For Lovers Series took a bit of a break, but now it's back in full session. If you are not familiar with the series, it's a glimpse at couples who have something fun, and uniquely different about them and how they make their relationship work in the process. Check out the other couples archives who have participated.

I'm happy to introduce PJ and Martin Taylor- married photographers who shoot for fun, a living, and for the love of each other.
I've been following PJ's work on Twitter for almost a year. She's creative, fun and can even make a toilet paper roll look endearing

Here's what she had to say...

Who got into photography first?
When Martin decided to participate in a photo a day project back in 2007, I wanted to be involved too as I was just getting into photography and I sensed he was embarking on a photographic adventure and I thought I'd tag along. A former poet, I found seeking out and composing images similar to the creative process behind writing a poem.

How do you inspire and challenge each other?
We've been shooting everyday for over 1100 days, posting our daily images to Flickr's Project365 pool. Through good times and bad we've been supporting each other to keep going.
Some people write everyday in a journal, we have a daily ritual of taking photographs and even though some days are harder than others, we have no plans of stopping.

Another way we inspire and challenge each other is that this year we've decided to try setting weekly challenges and that's definitely kept us going.

Do you ever get competitive? 
We have such different shooting styles there's not much overlap but once in awhile we'll snap different versions of the same thing like with this typewriter shot

vs. his 

And yes, we get competitive. Flickr has afforded me some great opportunities like having one of my photographs in a Dell commercial, another one on a billboard and having had my work included in a couple of shows, but I'm in constant awe of Martin's keen eye for detail and his knowledge on the history of photography. I wish I had more patience in absorbing the facts, but I do love looking through our ever growing collection of photography monographs.

What are you favorite photos taken by each other and why?

Fast Food Interior Design
This is one of my favorite color shots taken by Martin. I love how he composed this in a busy fast food restaurant.
Security Camera
Blind Abstract
Atrium at Oracle
Boring Grey Bridge
Memorial Day, Santa Monica
Another of my very favorite shots that Martin took back in 2004, I love the contrast of girl's tanning next to the crosses.

One of my favorite "couple" shots taken on day 365 year 2007
Here's another taken on our 10 year anniversary
(ED NOTE: handsome fella!)
Thank you, PJ! I know most of us suffer from blog ADD, so I'm going to wait for Martin's post tomorrow.
For more on PJ- her flickr, her twitter
Thanks for reading!