new camera, new lesson

{Tape thanks to PuglyPixel}

New camera to test out for the three day weekend! I don't know what to brag about more- how cute it is or the $2.99 price.
Thanks to the Goodwill for their services for providing such beautiful used goods!

I also found my battery charger; I had a dead battery in all three digital cameras, with no charger in sight. I was frustrated I gave up a couple gigs because I didn't have a charged camera.
My lack of organization, and an over abundant cluttered office was a bad combination. I lost not only funds, but my mind in the process.

Lesson learned: I'm too old for this mess- which is what I'll be going through this three day weekend. It was fine years ago when I had the excuse of being a full time student, a full time job, with a full time social life. Now- no excuses. I don't want to see myself on Hoarders, or my husband finding me under a mountain of kawaii tape I accumulated over the years.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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