Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before I Got Married

photo by the brilliant Jack Rodriguez

Last month I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Scott! We had an amazing library-themed wedding. We have grown more and more in love with each other. We work hard at what we think is a great marriage, and I can go on and on to make you roll your eyes and even give you a toothache from the sweet stuff I can tell you.

"Don't go to bed angry", "Communicate", yes, these are the things we all know to keep a relationship healthy, but what about the details no one told me about or wants to discuss?
Marriage was scary, but I'll admit I had a smug attitude about marriage- I thought I had it down but I was oh so naive. Below is the advice from love to sex I would have paid to know before to make marriage easier...
  • Be completely selfless. Get out of your comfort zone for them. Putting others first brings this sense of joy in our lives, as strange as it sounds. Selfless little acts with not expecting anything in return still has it's rewards.
  • If you are on the bottom, put a towel underneath you. Yeah, I said it.
  • Make life easier by saying how you feel. Make it much less complicated by saying what's on your mind and heart.
  • This leads to leaving out the passive-aggressive behavior. We are all guilty of it. This is a relationship you want to nurture, not add animosity to it. Grow the heck up already.
  • Stop with the princess act. We are women, and want to be treated like queens, not brats.
  • Don't complain. You lose a sense of sincerity and your attitude is transparent.
  • Stop with the nagging. Focusing on their behavior rather than your own doesn't help either of you. Seriously, STHU.
  • Have make out sessions.
  • Volunteer together somewhere. Try it. It's a wonderful feeling to serve someone.
  • Be a mother to your children, not your spouse. It's cool if you clean up after him, but if he wants you to do it all the time, he wanted a mother, not a wife. Let him clean the house every now and then.
  • Dress up. You are both crazy for each other, so why not show each other off on a night out?
  • Pee after sex. If not, drink gallons and gallons of cranberry juice. 
  • Shave your legs. Trust me, this is for your own happiness rather than theirs.
  • Let him be a gentleman. Yes, you are an independent woman. You are a feminist. Hear you roar. I get it. Now let him open a door or two for you.
I'm not an expert in marriage in any way, not even mine, but after two years, I have learned to discipline these things over and over, it does make my relationship easier. I can't speak for everyone else, and I don't expect my readers to feel the same. 
What have you learned that you can share? Not just in marriage, but with relationships, too.
Love, sex, dates, romance, anything, I want to read your list on the things you wish you had known...
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