"culture is another word for mother"

{The quote is from Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food, a life changing book I recommend.}

When Carly was here recently, I'm proud to say I introduced her to new foods that I grew up with on my mom's side, and haven't had since I became vegan.

Carly tried her first enchiladas, Churro, flan, Tamale, Sangria, Abuelita Chocolate, torta, arroz con pollo y frijoles to name a few. Do you know how sad my holidays were without a traditional tamale? It's amazing what reminds us of our families. My ultimate comfort food is pan dulce with cafe. One of these days, Carly is going to come back and try this.

These photos are from Olvera Street, in Los Angeles, CA., one of my favorite places to walk around in. It totally reminds me of my mom ♥

Baby Guitars
Lucha Libre
I'm also proud to say I introduced Diane to Mexican candy when her and I had a mini meet up at Union Station last summer
Candy, Corn Nuts, Fruit and Lead
I also finally found the pan dulce coin purse I saw Gabby from Corazones Rojos have. I searched for it in every little shop in Olvera Street but ironically found in at the Orange Circle.
Pan Dulce Coin Purse
So tell me, what is the comfort food that brings waves of memories from family?
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