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The term BFF makes my stomach hurt a little. Childish label for two women, but a term of endearment nonetheless. I thought BFF's lasted just like a BFF, forever. The experience I've had with most 'bff's' growing up, ended up the same- heartbreaking. After reading this post from Ashley, I knew it was a topic I couldn't avoid. It's not that people change, it's priorities changes, and growing up you cultivate a sense of awareness about friendships that you either don't want to see or want to admit to yourself.

Nobody wants to be denied friendship, but if it's painful, emotionally frustrating, competitive, and devaluing of your self, I'd rather be alone and wait for the right BFF. Plus nobody want to think of friendship in terms of the obligatory Facebook comment, right? I did learn the hard way when it came to friendships- It makes me sad knowing the best years of friendship moved away to Virginia, and I had to experience a few bad friends to realize it. That's not to say I had a great time with other friends, but when I found myself taking a deep breath to even take their phone calls, something had to give and it wasn't going to be me.

Just because I don't have one BFF, doesn't mean I don't have a handful of great friends I've met online and the few I've kept in touch with. I'm not sad, angry or bitter. I'm actually quite content with the few handful of friends I have, and have yet to meet.

So, what is your experience with a BFF? How did you deal with it and what did you learn?

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