6,768 Miles Apart {Disposable Edition}

"...something along the lines of bloggers making connections online but separated by time and space, so the project embodies two push-pull forces: connection and isolation, teamwork and independence, distilling two creative thought processes into a whole greater than its parts? Phwoar."

This is what Ana B. emailed me in March 2009. I was thrilled she had faith in a blogger with barely 100 readers, and not much photo experience. Should I really explain what this has grown to?

We wanted to do something a little different. We've done the Polaroid Edition, and now we have the Disposable Camera edition, below. We have passed our one year birthday not just for this photo project but for a grown friendship.

Our very first post here. Happy Birthday to 6,768 Miles Apart.

Wait, what? You don't know what 6,768 Miles Apart is? Read the intro below. You are in for a treat.

6,768 Miles Apart appears every fortnight.

Our pictures are no longer limited to the morning.
But our focus remains the same.
Read how it started here.

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the transatlantic lens project 

Adeline and Astrid from Her - Der

Miles Collage 1

Miles Collage 2

Miles Collage 3

Miles Collage 4

Miles Collage 5

Miles Collage 6

Miles Collage 7

Miles Collage 8

Miles Collage 9

{my disposable camera didn't fully develop. sad face}

Miles Apart 15

Miles Collage 10

Miles Collage 11

Miles Collage 12

Miles Collage 13

Miles Collage 14