"You ride, you got to know how to fall, and you drive, you got to know how to crash"

{My review on Half Broke Horses by Jeanete Walls}
I don't like the whole western-frontier era, but this book made me drop my convictions toward the subject and focus so much on the characters, I felt as if I knew Lily IRL. It also taught me a lot about what American women had to go through back then, the grittiness of it all- prejudice, discrimination, and the labor of just surviving. It was an all-American hero book, but with Lily, a character you will never forget.
I came off reading The Glass Castle and loving the book (I even voted it best book of the decade), but this book seemed a little more intense. It wasn't as humorous as The Glass Castle, but the writing was beautiful.
I loved this book, and I also hated it.
I loved it because it's very charming, and had strking Scarlet O'Hara-ish moments that kept my attention to its fullness. It was dramatic and life changing for the characters, and it's like you are watching them grow and persevere in what seems like the toughest of times. One particular moment was very heartbreaking, and made me tear up a little. I think Lily had to have a backbone, she went through so much, I can't imagine her being any other way. It's really difficult to portray women in a strong and feminine character- but Ms. Walls does a stellar job combining such polar opposite personalities.
The book made me understand The Glass Castle…I know now what Rosemary went through. If you haven't picked up the book, I highly highly recommend it. I can now see how the different generations complement and conflict with one another.
I hated it because the book ended. My mini-vacay ended. It was better than any film I've watched recently and it took me away to an intriguing place. I can't wait to see what Ms. Walls comes up with next.
Half Broke Horses
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