The Slow Readers Book Club {Helpful Tips on the Forum}

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Thank you so much for everyone voting on the next book! A big thank you to Hanako66 for helping count up the votes!

I'd to also bring up some concerns and answer some emailed questions here before we announce the next book. We have close to 350 members via email but half of those members are a little intimidated by the forum. The forum is a place to bring it all together and get it a bit more organized. You may sign up here but please read the helpful tips before.
I've gotten a couple comments saying the forum is confusing. It may look overwhelming, but after researching and testing out the easiest forums (you can ask my admin, I took them on a forum joy ride and I thank them dearly) this was the easiest one. Sign up for it, click around, and get the feel of it. Of course it's going to look confusing if you have never used it.
This answers the other questions- not knowing where to vote, where the discussions are, etc. I have a list of helpful topics in this post . If you are familiar with the topics and categories, this will be easier than having double topics and the admin delete and move everything (we love you guys, but seriously).
Also, this is a community. I want The Slow Readers Book Club to be a blogging community coming together. I had an email from someone saying they felt their book review was too "simple". This book club isn't a typical book club with pretentious reviews and note taking. Say whatever you like! You are a part of this as much as the next person.
If you see a question or a comment that you can answer and help out, please don't feel shy about taking charge. I would love to devote all my time to the group but I have so many projects going on, when I see a member lending a hand, it's a big help for me.
Don't be a book snob. The curators of the club love reading, and will promote literacy at any extent, even if means digitally. I don't want to keep deleting topics on the death of the printed word, and dramatic articles on the how technology is killing reading. This forum is not the place to rant. This club is about literacy, and slowing down to take the time to read.
Also, your blog post doesn't have to be a review. We all know what the book is about and as much as I love reading everyone's take on it, I loved reading the discussions, why you liked the book, or why you absolutely hated it.
I hope that answers everyone's questions, and I'll be posting/announcing the new book soon.
We are also on Twitter if you have any quick questions. I know I'm really great at procrastinating when it comes to answering my emails :p

{*if you are wondering what The Slow Readers Book Club is, catch up here}