New Book and Big Announcement!

The new book for The Slow Readers Book Club is Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin.
Thank you to everyone who voted! A really big step in the book club is Ms. Benjamin herself will be having a short Q&A with us in the forum!! We are still collaborating on whether it will be a live chat or emailed questions, but in the meantime, read your book to ask away! A really big thank you to Annie!
There are a lot of comments on how the book is hard cover, so it's a little heavy to carry around- but Amazon has the book available on Kindle, and even if you don't own a Kindle, they are still available digitally.
Which means you can read it on
your iPhone,
your iPod Touch,
your Mac,
your PC,
or if you do have a Kindle, buy it here.
Thanks again and happy reading! If you are still confused on the forum, here are some tips for you! The book is "due" on May 23!
(also, i'll be getting back to comments and emails this week. lots to catch up to!)