just a reminder...

Girls with glasses do get passes

Girls with glasses do get passes.

+ oh, everyone keeps asking about the tattoos from last week. I'm returning in April to finish the color. Trust me, they are worth the wait.

+ i did a photo shoot for Vanessa and her husband-to be. It was so much fun with windmills, red balloons, bubbles and Scrabble props. Sneak peek. It's my first shoot. Be gentle.
+ Mischievous Kitty is offering a discount to readers. Enter the code "citylight" and receive 20% off your total order, and any order over $25 ships for free!
+ So, what of it? I did jump on the formspring bandwagon.
+ i'll be racing you to the aisles for this loot tomorrow.
i hope you had a good weekend so far!