crown of wisdom

Crown of Wisdom
Every 2 weeks, for the past ten years, I have colored my hair. I have been everything from blonde, to red, to pink, to blue black to finally just my "natural" color.
I'm tired of it.
For years I have worked in the business of vanity and was paid to make women look younger and sexier. There is nothing sexy about sitting in a chair with goop in your hair. I can't remember a bottle of dye ever making me feel younger, either. It was just ritual part of being a woman (and working in a salon). There are lots of beautiful women with gray hair but I've never met or seen anyone my age (or maybe they are my age but look older because of the gray? har har).
I'm debating on whether I should keep coloring or celebrate my crown of wisdom, and hope I can still correct people on their judging me far younger than my true age.
What do you do? Flaunt your silver mop or hide your shame?
(I kid, I kid).... but seriously, tell me.

Stronger Evidence of Graying