the beach

Balboa Beach

Carly at the Beach

Purple Beach

Purple Waves

Balboa Beach

Carly stayed at my home for a week. From a Canadian's point of view- she found the most miniscule things I take for granted so capital. Take the beach for example-
The sand in between my toes is no longer a nuisance, it feels crisp and warm.
The weather is no longer just hot, I felt the breeze I was never aware of that was there all along.
The loud waves aren't just repetitive and noisy, they are each completely different from each other and amazing.
The water wasn't so freezing, it felt refreshing and cool.

I have a new found optimism for the beach and for being a Californian now (despite the horrible economic state). More pics and stories coming soon like the blogger meet up!
Glad to be back!
oh, do you like the new layout? Sophie did an amazing job, right?