The Poppies


I have some news- I was nominated for a Poppy Award for Favorite Photographer from Poppytalk! You have all been so supportive and it's because of you guys I was even included. I can't believe I was even nominated! If you guys could vote for me here, I would be super grateful.

Every vote counts, but I know I'm probably not going to win. I'm not being modest, just realistic. I mean, I'm up against a group of my favorite photographers. It's still weird being even considered one. Just being in the same category as them is such an honor and I'm so grateful to be in the same round as some of the women who have given me the inspiration to even pick up a camera in the first place. The nominee itself is thrilling and thank you to everyone who kept bugging me to keep going. Some of the most motivating and encouraging people I have yet to meet.
I'm also doing a guest post on Polkadot Robot. It's one of my favorite blogs and I'm excited to be a part of it! Read the DIY I did here.
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