my name is and i turn one today

I had this in my drafts for a few months now, but I thought it would be appropriate for a one year anniversary post.

The Nonist was one of the first blogs that I subscribed to and religiously read and studied. The Nonist presented academia at its finest- with humor, and taught me about the historical aspects of a subject. This blog may not have been for everyone, but it thrusted the reader with mass information and absolute enlightenment on art, literature, libraries, science, Christianity, atheism, technology, and design. The writing has enough merit on its own regardless of what topic it was on. It was the reason I began blogging years ago (even if it was on LJ)

When I was recently sick, I didn't have energy to do much, especially look at my Google Reader. At the end of the week, I had 1000+ unread blogs. It was frustrating because after going through most of them, I realized the majority of them didn't have much value to them, at least what I consider valuable. I unsubscribed to 80% of them. Unless the photography was capital, the writing was attractive, I learned something on reading the posts, and there was substance to the blog, and visually inspiring I decided to still be a regular reader of the blog.

Posting a pretty picture is not enough for me these days. The worst about it? I fell into this allure of ADD blogesphere. I know not every blog can be fulfill the vacancy since the Nonist halted, and some days I do appreciate the voiceless content, if it's strong. I know most of us are artistic and blogging is a way to express ourselves. I get it. I appreciate it. It doesn't necessarily mean all blogs are for me, and same for you.

I'll admit, I think I have underestimated the readership I have. You are not imbeciles. All of you are capable of teaching, adding, developing in this community even if it is through your valuable content, pretty pictures or not. So why is it our blog posts have become more shallow? In my defense, I credit laziness, and lack of research. I don't want to be just a pretty lazy picture. I want to be a Nonist, a blog that teaches, adds, communicates, and brings something. I would rather have 5 valuable readers with strong content, than a quantity of posts with no quality.

I'm so thankful for my readers to help me bring a hobby into something more. I honestly don't know why you keep reading at times- I don't have cute outfits to post on, I don't pour out my feelings, I don't stir up controversy (although this post may not be the most popular with some), I don't write about my day, I don't talk about my weekend, I get behind on blog reading and commenting (I promise you will hear from me soon), I avoid using pretty pictures from as best. I just BLOG. Yet hundreds of people read my posts, subscribe, and they keep growing. So thank you, for all the inspiration, and letting my voice be heard in this tiny pocket of the Internet. It gives me hope that I'm growing with this community and I hope to learn much more of you. Happy birthday to my little blog.

I did have a giveaway planned (let's just say it ends with a Mini and starts with a Diana) but tomorrow I'll be much chipper. ♥

Love, Diana (like the camera)