Diana Mini Photos by Daydream Lily

(btw, I'm doing a guest post on ♥ Much Love Anna ♥. I'm also going to sit down one of these night this week and spend the evening getting back to emails and blog reading. i'm so behind!!)
When the Diana Mini came out, I was a little irritated with Lomography. For about $10 more, you can get the original Diana camera, which I'm more partial to. When I was deciding what to giveaway for my one year post, the Diana Mini was a better choice economically, not just for me but for you (or the winner).
The Diana Mini takes 35mm film, which is about $5 to develop, than 120 film, which can cost up to $20 a roll.
When I saw Daydream Lily's photos from India, it's the perfect size for someone on the go. The photos came out beautifully and if you are not sure of the Diana Mini, or if you haven't entered the giveaway- take a look at her pictures! These should change your mind! Go and enter here!


Daydream Lily needs no introduction. If you don't know her blog, shame on you (I say this with love, of course!). Her blog is one of the most visually inspiring and introduces her readers to great artists. She'll be updating more on India and more with her Diana Mini, check her blog for updates.