Calling All Lovers

Last year I began a series that showed a different side of couples, Is For Lovers Series- couples that not only were crazy for each other, but had something in common, something that bonded them, a common affinity that harmoniously brings them together. Married, engaged, together for 3 weeks, 3 months, the length of time doesn't matter, it's what make you stand out from other couples.

For past examples, I had Liz and Glenn discuss how they CSS each into each other's heart's (cheesy, but they can't deny it),  how there can be humor in the most mundane things in life like Chloe and Sean discover, and how creativity can bring you closer together instead of being competitive like Christina and B.

Why does your relationship stand out? If you think you have a unique bond, email me, I want to hear it and my readers want to know.

12.15.09 : tp heart

Photo by PJ Taylor