The Green Genius

Thank you for sticking around and being so sweet to my guests! In case you missed it, my blog-sitters took great care and kept everything tidy while I was away. I'm feeling much better, thank you for all the well wishes.

Ok, so my comeback post is about trash bags, but it's not as bad as it sounds. I honestly don't remember how I heard about this but I signed up for a couple of samples from the company The Green Genius for some of their biodegradable trash bags. I love the idea of anything biodegradable, especially a trash bag. The name says it all, Green Genius.

I have a small apartment, with 3 cats. Even with The Robot Litter, you can decide how it smells. I'm really hesitant anything would work besides our heavy duty trash bags to cover up the odors and hold well. I received the samples this week, and behold! Not only does this trash bag hold thrice as much as what I would normally buy in a store bought trash bag (even the same size), but our home was stench-free until I had to change out the bag again.

I'm not getting paid for this (fyi) but I also don't want to impose environmental terrorism on you. I care about the environment, and I should recycle more (like I said, small apartment).
The bags are not expensive. For a couple dollars more, you get more for your money. They expand better, are stronger and benefit the environment.

Go get yer sample here, buy them here, read their blog here!

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