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Do you remember the show the Letter People? It was one of my favorite shows growing up on on constant re-run on PBS. When I asked Lesley what influenced her love of letters and calligraphy, I'm not surprised The Letter People was a large influence.

In between getting her Ph.D, family, a teaching job and blogging, Lesley somehow manages to keep the sanity with her love and craft of calligraphy and letters. Her blog is eye candy for the lover of academia. It's full of art, history, fonts, medievel scriptorium, and calligraphy. I can easily name it one of my favorite blogs!!

All of her items are crafted by hand. My favorite item in the shop? Her family tree. It was influenced by her own grandma. When you have drive to create like this, it's amazing what turns out.

If I knew much about my family history, this would have been bought months ago. And the tree for baby? This is such an intimate gift for a family of a newborn and a family member.

I know there are some scrap-bookers (is that what you call them?) and crafters out there reading, and I know you will appreciate her journals.
Her blog was recently featured in French magazine, Avantages. With a goal for her Ph.D in French, it must be a high honor!

A couple of weeks ago I purchased her adorable gift tags for wrapping Christmas presents...

Thank you, Lesley for sponsoring!

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