Mr. Pagoda

photo credit to Kumar Pallana, and Google. Info found on Kumar Pallan, and Wikipedia.

Mr. Pagoda, most well known as the family helper to the Tenenbaum family, is Kumar Pallana. In the 1950's he was a member of the Mickey Mouse club and a performer in the 1930's in the vaudeville era.

Wes Anderson took interest in Kumar, after visiting the cafe he owned, Cosmic Cafe in Dallas (anyone ever been?). They became close friends and Wes asked him to play small parts in his films. He played Mr. Littlejeans, the groundskeeper in Rushmore, and he played Kumar, the "safecracker" in Bottle Rocket.

Kumar's son is also in Wes' films, and is one of my favorite scenes, playing Max's math teacher.

The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favorite movies. The characters may not be dimensional like most films, they say little, and whomever you watch on the screen is who they are, but I can still find a way to relate to them.

Mr. Pagoda is one of them. He doesn't say much, and even though he rebels against the family by becoming Royal's spy, he is still loyal and loving towards the most inhumane person in the film. That's what love is at times- showing love in the most unexpected moments, even when Royal betrays him, and yes, even after a good stabbin'.