CSS Is For Lovers

I know we can all appreciate a good font, a great design on a website, but have you ever met a designer behind that website or how much a font is appreciated or absolutely hated (looking your way, Comic Sans).
I've met a few designers, but not like Liz and Glenn. Liz is one of the hardest working people I know- she works, she creates, she designs, she takes care of herself, her blog, her priorities and doesn't skip a beat. I can only imagine how hard she works with Glenn, just like any relationship. Recently, she wrote an endearing story , a testament of how hard they have worked, and my hat tips off to them a bit lower after reading it. Read on how cascading style sheets brought two unique but adorable individuals together.

How did you know it was love like you love Helvetica?

Haha. Well honestly we had been friends for several years and had often suggested fixing each other up with friends until one day we were like, "Why don't we just date each other?" It's funny because the first time I'd heard of Glenn was through his old blog, glennscrap.com. According to Glenn, I was the cool girl on MySpace he had a crush on. Oh, god! We do love each other lots though--and Helvetica.

How do you encourage each other in your designing (work/hobbies/etc), especially when there is a deadline?

Living AND working together doing our own freelance business is definitely a challenge. We try to designate "design nights" where we block out the evening after I get home from my day job to just sit at home and do some work. Surprisingly we've managed to claim our own respective parts of the house to designate as our own home offices.
When we're both working on a project often times one or both of us will holler to the other from our desks, "Hey babe come check this out I need your opinion." We've even gone so far as to video chat from the same house LOL. We try to keep it fun.
It's important that we find time to unplug and just be a regular couple together. A couple times a week we make it a point to order take-out, curl up on the couch & watch a movie from our Netflix account. Glenn feels like we both try to embrace the nerdiness with one another to where what we do is more of a passion than a job.
We both welcome constructive criticism of our own personal projects but it's not just limited to that--If we're out and about together we comment to each other on if we see something specific to our own design tastes like cool signage or something.

Do you ever have friendly (or non-friendly) competition?

There have been a few instances where we'll *fight* over potential gigs because being web designers in a relationship, you're bound to network with the same groups of people. But we've never gotten in a legitimate argument over it. If anything, I usually concede to him because he's got so much more experience on me! Being male and female we kind of have designated areas on what we want to work with so instead of being negative and fighting we try to look out for each other and our niches whether it be bicycles or fashion related. Sharing is caring, says Glenn :)

Have you ever come up with a similar design not knowing you were both working on it? (like the term "Great minds think alike")

Our tastes are very alike in some ways and very different in others. That pretty much applies to our entire relationship as a couple, which I think is awesome. For example, Glenn likes really minimal, clean CSS and gridded designs as where I prefer decorative typography, flourish & bright colors. In contrast to that just look at our logos (twitter avatars). We didn't even notice until afterward and we just laughed about it. Glenn doesn't really believe we step on each others toes because we both have our separate tastes and flavors that we like to dish out.


Thanks to Liz and Glenn for taking the time to answer.

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