I'm not feeling too great lately. I'm not just sick, but I'm illin'. Flu, Strep, the common cold, broken bloody cold sores, nausea, migraines, stomach pains, name it, it's growing and multiplying in my body. I need to rest my body and instead of abandoning my blog, I have some amazing guest posts from some great bloggers I admire blog-sitting. If you didn't get a chance to guest post this time, no worries, I have a few emails asking to do it next time and I'll gladly do it (but hopefully under healthier circumstances). I'll be getting back to emails, comments, my Google Reader soon!


Thank you for everything- for reading, for subscribing, for sticking around.
Be grateful for your good health, I know I would love to have mine back.
Best to you, dear readers and see you soon!
(oh, the shop will not be closed, and I'll be micro-blogging on Twitter if you would like to follow there)

Head over to Dream Sequins for a guest post I did here! It's my wishlist!

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