Blog-Sitter: Christina from Down and Out Chic

Hi, this is Christina from Down and Out Chic and I'm happy and honored that Diana has asked me to help "blog sit" today.

Deciding about what to present to all of you lovely readers was pretty easy because my post-holiday wishlist is alive and well and in desperate need to be shared with someone (and if I did it on my own blog, I'm pretty sure B would be rolling his eyes).

"Post-holiday wishlist" you might be asking? Isn't one holiday wishlist enough? Oh no, dear friends. See, my parents have a long tradition of giving me cash on the holiday which I used to complain about as a child, but as I've gotten older, I've seen the wisdom of their ways. Hence, the "post holiday wishlist."

I don't care how many scarves I own, there's always another calling my name and this one is at the top of my list.

Navy Blue and White Striped Cowl or Scarf $30

Something about the idea of mixed tape always makes me feel slightly nostalgic and brings me back to the days when I had absolutely no taste in music and equally bad taste in boys. This little number is functional and just downright adorable.

Deluxe Mix Tape Pouch- Love Mix $50

I'm always on the lookout for comfortable flats. These are handmade, sustainable and 100% vegan.
handmade marigold flats $95

This year's trends in hairpieces should have taught us one thing...if you're having a bad hairday, stick a flower in it and all is well. I am totally fine with masking my should-be-washed hair with this delicate number.
the dreamy- Chiffon Fluff Headband in Gray Polka Dot on Mint Green Headband $24

Finally, as part of my new year's resolution, I'd like to vow to stop being caught in situations where a flask might make it all better. This one is pretty and feminine and doesn't scream alcoholic, right?
6 oz flask $18

I hope you've enjoyed my post holiday wishlist. If you don't already have one, what are you waiting for?
If you already have one, I'd love to know, what's on it?

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