Best of the Decade: Music

Do you really think I would choose just 10 albums in one decade? Ridic. This is a tough one for me. I can't *not* choose just ten albums from ten years ago.

Staring at the screen for one hour, I decided to choose the albums that have changed my life, yes, in some way.
Whether I cried myself to sleep to Upward Over the Mountain on repeat because I missed my parent, or listening to The Fold Out makes me dance like no one is watching, each album was a favorite and helped me connect, reflect, cope, relate, succeed, cry, dance, rejoice and effect who I am. I wish I had a account years earlier to scrobble what I loved to listen to. I believe this is what it would look like...

These were the albums that made my last decade memorable. Here's to another decade of great music.

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot the Cribs' Men's Needs, Women's Need's, Whatever, and Saturday Looks Good to Me All your Summer Songs. Don't ever have me do favorites. The list will go on forever.