6,768 Miles Apart

An open window or an open book, bare feet or an aisle full of shoes, the sunlight or crisp wind, late night American tele or a snuggle on the couch, Ana B. and I are conducting our days, tying it together.

If you are new to this project, Ana B. (fame of On Dressing Up) and I connect at exactly 6,768 miles from each other. We may be far away but our photos connect.

We are currently collaborating on a new project to take this a step up but details aren't smoothed out yet, but the only thing that can be said is my head almost exploded at the idea. Amazing and I can't wait to open my big mouth.

You can peruse the archives here and here.
Read how it all unfolded here
We are also big supporters of Her-Der, and the transatlantic lens project.

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