(some quick news)

Thank you also for taking the time to read the last post :)
If you haven't had the chance, I promise it will make you giggle!

Adeline was the winner to Down and Out Chic's giveaway. Thank you for everyone participating and a special thank you to Christina for sponsoring the giveaway.
If you still have your eye on your favorite item, they are limited items so get them in her etsy shop.

just a quick post to let you know Scott is selling autographed copies of his book here if you didn't get a chance to get them last time. He sold out in two days last time so get it while you can!

I'm also doing a giveaway on Calivntage Blog here, and Ana from Much Love gave me the opportunity to participate in her Much Love Monday series here. I'm very grateful to be a part of both!

If you don't want to wait for the giveaways, you may shop here to get your early fix! I've added some new items.

ps- i've been on my tumblr a bit more to share my current obsessions. come with.

i disabled comments for today. playing catch up at home and on all your posts from last week.