Most women will have crazy excuses to buy that dress, those shoes, that coat, that bag, those accessories. However, the past year I find excuses to not buy it. The past excuse has been, "It won't fit me" (even if it does), and a few weeks ago, I passed up a Marc Jacobs bag I could have added to my collection because my past daily uniform has been a hot pink hoodie I bought in the kids section at target and (now) baggy jeans with my Rainbows--a fanny pack is more suitable for this described outfit than a luxury bag. The days of wearing my signature bright lips are long gone. My makeup is lonely, my bags are collecting dust, and you'd think my walk in closet would be visited daily but it's abandoned and dust is taking over.

Lacking motivation in fashion and turning down an MJ bag means I need complete intervention- even if it means I need to do it to myself. Ever since my vegan diet (okay I did have pizza one of the days and I couldn't finish the slice. Cheese tastes grossss to me now), I have given myself the best luxury anyone can give themselves- the luxury of health. It takes discipline, fervor, and time, but it has been worth it. I can give you an endless list on the benefits but I'm sure you have heard it before. The one benefit I will mention is the advantage of how my confidence is slowly coming back. That's right, lazy day outfits will be left for lazy days, not daily outfits. My eyebrows will be cleaned and threaded on a regular basis, not holidays. My manicures and pedicures will be maintained, not looking like the nails will curl over (seriously, it's bad). If I'm able to discipline my workouts and my eating habits, I can control what I wear.

To begin my intervention, I found an excuse to buy a pair of shoes (I could only thing of one so don't laugh) Holiday shoes! I need holiday shoes, right??

from DearGoldenVintage

and I normally get a coat every winter, but I was dragging my feet to buy one, until I saw this one from Diane's vintage shop, I couldn't wait 'till someone got it before me.
from Darling Vintage

I also saw this dress in one of my new favorite blogger's shop, Mamushka Marie.

In the meantime, until I slowly come out of my slump, shopping really does motivate me to get out of my lazy day outfits, wipe my glasses down and get that pillow crease off my face. I guess fashion bloggers have taught me a thing or two about retail therapy.

Blah moments happen to everyone; mine have just lasted a bit longer. How do you get yourself motivated?