Introduction: Matouenpeluche

Matouenpeluche does not need an introduction- her art work is all over the internet and she is loved by all on her blog. However, if you are not familiar with her work (hello to all new readers), or Sam, let me introduce you to one of my favorite artists.

I know she has done many interviews, but this one, I wanted to know Sam, behind the art. I have bought from Sam a few times and if I could, I would buy all her work. If you are holding on to your change because of poor economic status, she has a great sale selection! All her work is amazing, and one day, yes, one day, I'm planning on adding one of her pieces on my right arm (my left arm is a little full).

What is a day in the life of Sam?

A weekday day in the life involves me waking up at around 5:ooam and checking email/ blogs/ orders etc for an hour or two. Then I get gussied up for work and head out the door for the rest of the day. I usually try and walk to work as it's pretty and I'm a bit of a walking fiend! I fnish school at around 4:00pm and I then hook up with my Dad for a chat and some dinner or I just head home and do some drawing/ reading/ playing with the neighbour's cat (Jaffa)/ hang out with my boyfriend and maybe go for a walk with him round the bay.

On the weekend it's either a day of drawing (my favourite kind of day!) or a long walk around the forshore of pretty Sydney with my fella.

Do you listen to any music while you draw and if so, what music gets your creativity going?

If I'm in the initial stages of a drawing - no I don't listen to music. I like to have a clear calm head so I can get what I'm doing right or figure out what I'm doing wrong. Once I've finished the tricky bit and I'm colouring or doing the finishing touches - yes! I especially love listening to The Dandy Warhols, Stereo Lab and The Vines at the moment!

What is your favorite drawing and why?

Goodness me!! Very difficult to answer actually....perhaps not one drawing as such is my favourite - maybe I have a set that I quite like. I quite like the gals I've done lately (Bianca, Rose and Boho Babe) and the birdies such as Stafan and Alex.

What was your first drawing?

First drawing: The first drawings I drew were the scribbly things everyone draws but the one I consciously remember talking about was a painting I did and telling my Dad that a particular bit was mushrooms. I also remember impressing my classmates by drawing a poplar tree instead of the usual loolipop tree!

In the shop: Queenie, she's a black pen and ink drawing I did specifically for greeting cards about three/ four years ago.

What was your childhood dream and if it was not drawing, what was it?
If it was drawing, how is it to live your dream?

You know, I think it's always been to become an artist and in particular one that drew for some reason. I think I like the control of drawing! I actually find it difficult telling people "I'm an artist"! I feel people like Michaelangelo and Picasso are artists - I'm just someone who likes to draw a lot!! I do feel incredibly lucky however to have my work seen by a lot of people from all over the world and the fact that they buy it too just makes my mind boggle!!

Thank you for reading and a special thank you to Sam for your time!
Check out her blog, and go shopping in her etsy store.
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