I'm angry. Here's a post.

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Over the weekend I caught myself practically in tears (okay, so maybe a few tears) when I discovered over 1,000 emails were not forwarded to my personal email since March. I wasn't sure if I was more angry at myself for not being responsible enough to check the email account or that Google let me down.

I received some emails since I opened my blog email but some were sitting pretty, unread. I checked my spam, too and half of them were legitimate emails. The worst part about the spam emails? They are deleted after 30 days. I have no idea what kinds of emails I've had that were sent to spam, deleted. I spent my evening going through each email, trying to answer each one. It was amusing but overall I was in a caustic mood.

It may not seem like such an event to some, but this is a hobby, this is how I earn some extra funds since my unemployment. Blogging to me has become one of my fun-employment activities until the time (or librarian position) comes to go back to a career. I missed out on sponsors, and I'm really sorry if you emailed and you never received a reply. Now you know why.

I'm sorry if you never got a reply, or that it was half a year late. In the middle of all the skipped conversations gmail never sent, emailed projects, nice emails with nice things to say, angry emails with silly things to say (just being' honest), questions, that I'm flattered to even be asked, and even a couple emails asking if I wanted to sign up for Viagra and claimed I won the lottery, I realized one thing- I'm just grateful I get the emails, even if they are 6 months late or not. So thank you, for everything.

For the record, I'm not angry anymore.

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