Humor is for Lovers

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It's Monday morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are, it's Monday. I thought this sour day needed a boost and I'm glad to introduce you to Chloe and Sean from Sean ♥ Chloe.
Chloe is the sister sister of Maddie E. (one of my favorite humans ever), so that itself made me automatically like Chloe. Of course, after reading her blog, I was laughing, at times horrified, and laughing some more. While most blogs about couples write about the usual ("We made cupcakes!" or some cliche of sorts) Chloe ♥ Sean write about the things that happen to all couples: Life. The difference between the sugar coating and Chloe's blog is she does it with great wit, humor, zing, and a knack for writing. They both remind me that even when life gets crazy, the best thing you can do is laugh, with love. I think everyone, married or not, will relate to her blog. Read their introduction and interview for a chipper Monday...

Sean and I have been married for 8 months as of last Friday the 13th. We got married on March 13th of this year. It was a Friday as well! It was good luck for us because it was the only weekend that month that it didn't snow. That day will always be special for us. Some people might call us crazy for getting married on that day. Well we are already crazy so it's not a big deal. We are both 23 years old and live in little town called Orem, Utah. We met in high school and I always thought he was cute. We didn't see each other for several years after that. Last year I had gotten a new job with my sister Maddie. Sean happened to be working for the same company. We hit it off immediately and before we knew it he was dressed up as Juno and I as Paulie Bleaker for Halloween. That was the night Sean knew he loved me. I think wearing a pregnant belly and one of my bra's really brought out his hormonal side. We have been together ever since!

Who is funnier? Be honest.

That is a tough one! We both just pointed to the other person. Sean thinks I am, because I tell more funny stories on our blog. I think it is just because I have a lot of embarrassing stories. If Sean were to write on our blog more, I think everyone would see how funny he really is. We are both funny in our own way. It is kind of interesting how getting married has really brought out the humorous side in each of us. I am sure if people were to follow us around with a camera or something, they would probably try to admit us into a mental institution. Actual quotes from our mothers about stories on our blog: "I think you might be insane." or "You are certifiably nuts!" Awww.. they are so sweet!

You are having a sensitive moment, and a sarcastic comment is taken a bit too personal. What do you do?

We like to fight fire with fire. We both agreed that if this happens, we would keep making fun of the other person until the problem is resolved. Although, if I can add this, I think that Sean is just saying that to sound cool. Most likely I am the one to take the comment too far. Sean would probably go cry in the bedroom. Actually, I take that back. It would probably be the bathroom, and he would turn the sink on so I couldn't hear him sobbing. Sean would like me to add that this has never actually happened before. And that I am in big trouble.

No really, we both know how to push each others buttons. We know how far not to push them, so we are pretty good at avoiding hurt feelings. Almost everything we do or say is done in a sarcastic manner. I think both of us would actually be very surprised if the other one got upset over something that we said. Also, the "gosh, take a joke!" tactic works very good too. Even if you weren't joking. If you sense the other one starting to get upset? Just pull out that card. Even if it was the truth. It usually always almost works. Except for that one time...

Please share with us one of the funniest moments you have together.

One night we were headed to the mall to look at some wedding invites. Sean has a huge truck and likes to act real macho while driving it. Well he parked in the mall parking lot, and as we were both getting out of the truck, I hear a huge thud. I look over and do not see Sean at all. Then I hear a man say "Dude, be careful. There is ice all over." Sean was laying flat on his back on the ice. What was I doing? Peeing my pants. I laughed for about 20 minutes straight. My stomach hurt so bad. I couldn't even talk to him to see if he was okay. He had a bruised bottom and a bruised ego, but admitted that it was pretty funny too.

One night he was annoying me and I called him a Punky Brewster. You know, as in the TV show. He said to me, "Chloe, I don't even know what that means." He had no clue who she was. Sometimes I feel like Sean grew up in a cave.

This is Sean here. So, it would have been nice if the dude would have told me the ground was icy BEFORE I stepped out of the truck, but whatever. Chloe and I laugh over just about anything. For example, she called me yesterday while she was at the mall to tell me "If I come home with some new clothes its not my fault." Or when I ask her "What did you get me?" she says "Oh I got you a new purse, some new skinny jeans, and some shirts." They were really all for her but she told me that they are for me to look at. Which I am okay with.

During our engagement, we were visiting her parents house, laying on the love sac, all romantic like except take out the candles, the roses, fancy chocolates, and Kenny G music playing in the background and insert The Office, Mt. Dew for me and Diet Dr.Pepper for her, some popcorn, and other various treats that Chloe had laying around. Anyway this may not be funny to the rest of you but Chloe like to make up words. Some random commercial came on about selling your gold, and Chloe turns over to me and said, "Did you see that ugly brooch?" (but she said the "oo" like the "oo" in too or pooh...) the funniest part is that she had no idea. anyway back to Chloe...

Have you ever gone too far in your humor with each other (you don't have to share what it is if you don't want to) and if yes, how was it resolved?

The only time I was slightly upset at Sean, was during one of our co-ed softball games. Sean was up to bat and I was on 3rd base. Sean hit a line drive, and it went straight on third base line. Right into my hip. I fell to the ground and couldn't get up. People came over to me. Sean runs up. Expecting him to be all worried and crying, was laughing hysterically. I got kind of upset (even though I would have laughed hysterically, too) he says "Well, I knew the injury couldn't have been that bad, because it hit something soft on your body." I assumed he was calling me fat and didn't love me anymore. I blew it way out of proportion even though I mostly just thought it was funny. I retaliated by posting embarrassing pictures of him on our blog. The ones that sparked the most controversy was Sean holding hands with another guy and then him wearing a moomoo. Let's just say someone in his office emailed it to all of his clients. Oops. Turns out it was best thing I ever could have done for him. People loved his "ability to express his true colors" and that he was okay with "alternative lifestyles". I think it worked out in everyone's favor.

Some people might think that Sean and I tease each other a little bit too much. Some might think that we both deserve something more or less. Some might think that joking around is all that we do. Well our humor is only a small part of our relationship. We are best friends. We love each other so much. We both always wanted a partner that we could be ourselves around. Someone that would make us laugh until we couldn't breathe. We both found that. Well at least I know that I did. I wouldn't change it for anything. Sean saved me. As cheesy as that sounds, I found the guy that would let me be a little on the crazy side. The one that appreciated my goofiness and embraced it. I found a guy that I didn't have to change myself for him to like me. I couldn't have asked for anything more.


Thank you Chloe and Sean! For more hilarity, check out their blog here.