FreckledNest and a surprise

If you came from FreckledNest giveaway, ♥ HELLO ♥ If you didn't, visit FreckledNest for a great giveaway (your chance to win 12 different cool giveaways!)
I'm very happy to be featured and I'll be giving away 10 of my library themed Christmas cards.

Tomorrow Sorry, the giveaway will be held Nov 30! I'm a silly goose. I'll also be having a giveaway on So about what I said by one of my favorite writers, Melissa Blake.

I'm being featured here thanks to Jamie from Inspired Mess.

Please come back tomorrow for an amazing giveaway by one of my favorite ladies (it's a surprise!) and she is slowly becoming one of my favorite photographers. Stay tuned :)

EDIT: Comments are not disabled. I forgot in order to enter the Freckled Nest giveaway, comments must be available. Apologies! ♥

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