6,768 Miles Apart

Few words are spoken when you are close to someone- on a first date, there is always that awkward tension because the silence is filled with words. Meeting a friend, asking questions, discussing life, there is flowing conversation. However, when you become comfortable with someone, just spending time with them is enough. Two people can be in the same room, enjoying each other's company, observing each other lives, without saying much. Even though we are 6,768 miles apart, Ana and I somehow find an unspoken connection. I know how she is doing, what she has been up to, and the tone of her week.

6,768 Miles Apart is Ana B. from On Dressing Up, and myself. Ana's blog is filled with fashion, details of seams and beauty, a new career woman with a robust for life, my blog is filled with the quietness of new married-hoom, taking a break from a career, and details of paws and book spines. We cannot be anymore opposite in our lives, but yet with few words, our lives connect.

The archives are here and here.
We love Her-Der and Transatlantic Lens Project.
We also love you, whether this is your first 6,768 Miles Apart or have come along since the very beginning.

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