*beware! this post contains a myriad of self-promotion!!*
I just received an order of library-themed Christmas cards! There are postcards and there are notecards. The inside of the notecards say, "hope your holidays are a page turner", I hope that's not too cheesy but I personally think it's adorable and goes with the whole library-holiday theme.

If you want more than one, please convo me on etsy or email me and I'll offer my special readers a lower price.

There are also postcards of this design coming in this week, and i'll be listing them as soon as they arrive. so excited for these!!

If you had a chance to order Scott book, I added a couple of these for extras! I sent those out today with the book, you should be getting them soon!

I also just ordered postcards in the Tea Print. You can buy them here.

Penelope has a great display of my print if you want to see it framed and pretty! Thanks again, Penelope!

I have so many packages I sent out today! I finally hit 50 sales last week, thank you so much! I really appreciate all your support!

i spend wayyy to much time packaging my stuff, even if it's one card, but it's my favorite part, i can't deny my desires (lol).

My "Couch" photo was featured in RazorMonkey magazine. Check it out here (it's edition 02)

One of my photos was also on the front page of Poppy Talk Market (i'm extremely grateful to jan and earl for the opportunity)

I'm thinking of doing calendars. I ordered one 12 month (12 pages) custom calendar, and if that one sells, I may make more. I'm also thinking of getting this style, and you can choose whatever print you want on it. I like the idea, but do you really want to stare at the same print all year round? hmmm....

I have a giveaway over at Freckled Nest. There is a chance to win 7 cool items from 7 different shops. Enter here!

Also, I was thinking of doing some early Christmas shopping. Would any sellers like to trade? You know, like a good ol' barter? Please email me and we can work something out!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!! It's really exciting to share my growth with my readers.

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