The Weekend

Do you remember these photos? They were my engagement photos taken with a Diana camera. I've tried enlarging them to 8 x 10, 11 x 14 but since the print is squared, it never came out right. So, why not record player frames?

//yes, i know they are crooked//

The format is perfect. We don't feel comfortable having photos of each other all over the place, but these are our favorite. I know a lot of couples do this, but we just think it's weird to see yourself displayed in your own home.
They look so little because my walls are a tall 20 feet. My dilemma is anything I add to the wall, no matter how big, looks like a thumbtack compared to the rest of it. I'm ordering more Diana photos to frame. I think this wall is adorable, and I love the idea for my Lomography pictures.

Besides hanging up pictures, we went to the book sale at a local library and found a first edition copy of Hersey's Hiroshima for $10. The value of the book is $1,250!! We are not going to sell it, just collect it along with the other first edition copies we have.

Hope you are having a great weekend ♥

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