That Girl

The adorable Marlo Thomas stars in this 1960's American sitcom as Ann Marie, a wannabe actress who moves out of her parent's home the first season of the show to New York City.

I like to have tv or movies playing in the background during work or cleaning, but when I played the DVD (just finished Season 1) I didn't get much done. I ended up watching the full season in one sitting. The show is so cute, fun, witty, and yes, the writing may be cheesy, and call me prude, but I liked how clean it was. Every once in awhile I want to take a break from sarcasm, sex, violence, and over-written, over-dramatic dialogue (looking your way, GG).

If you want just colorful, clean, cheesy dialogue that captures the innocence of the 60's, then I think you will like this show. The show best reminds me of the movie Bye Bye Birdie, minus Ann-Margret's screeching opening.

some screen shots

Plus it has BEEHIVES in it. It wins me over already.
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