Recession? What Recession? Go Shop!

{I'm doing a giveaway over at Down and Out Chic! One of my favorite blogs is sweet enough to host the giveaway. It's open to international readers of D&OC!}

My lovely friends and sponsors have some updates!
Darling Vintage has some great stuff she just added to the shop that are selling like hotcakes!
Some of my favorite items...

Lauren from Jerseymaids is selling her Polaroid Necklaces for $15, which I believe is a deal!

Chelsea is still having her $5 sale! Get in on it before the sale ends!

Sam just added her sale items in her shop, and her artwork is such a great deal right now, under $20! I just ordered the print below I can't wait to get!

My vegan yoda and good friend, Naomi Rose, has opened up shop of her amazing drawings and prints!

Jen aka Holga Jen from Holga Darkroom has some amazing Holga pics at the zoo!

Also, it's Toy Camera Day. Go out and enjoy your Saturday

PS! This week in the mail, arrived a limited edish copy of Where the Wild Things Are by D.E.

We don't want to open it, so we are going to try to get another copy to feel how furry and soft it is (and to read it of course).

(sorry for the quick photo. better ones coming soon!)

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