Keds and TOMS shoes have changed my life

I know my blog is far from a fashion blog, especially when I’m posting about Keds, the canvas sneaker.

(Is it coincidence Mischa Barton was dropped as representative? I’ve always liked them but never thought much of MB.)

The recent trip to San Diego gave me blisters, cuts, bruises, and the walking up and down the hills. Macy’s was around the corner, and sprinting to look for cute flats, those wouldn’t take the swelling. I tried on a pair of Keds. Just like most women remember their first dates, first kiss, first luxury bag, I remember when I gave up on high heels. Wait, more like when high heels gave up on me. I slipped on my pair of Keds, and life was good.

As for my TOMS, they were one of the best birthday gifts ever.

Enjoy your Friday ♥

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