i eat my words

Ok, I promise to have non-etsy material soon but I just got new items up (again) and i just ordered the holiday cards by popular demand with some postcards to go with them.

i used to think people who constantly mentioned their etsy shop where desperate, but, now that i'm actually selling, i eat my words. i can tell you it's not desperation. i'm just super excited about it and it's a fun hobby i picked up a couple months ago that's growing. i understand now that's how other sellers felt.

I also just got an order of my polaroid print of "lingerie" in notecards/postcards. they are $3 for a set of 5.
and i just put in a set of carnival photos. they are normally $15 total if you buy them individually, but they are $7.50 for the set. A reminder that all items ordered in the US have free shipping.

I did a trade with Penelope of Hey Lovely a couple weeks ago. I traded a couple prints for this amazing necklace that says autumn is here! Thank you, Penelope! I love it! She is also having a big birthday sale if you want to check out her shop.
I'm also debating on whether or not to raise my prices. American's have this crazy mentality that if something is expensive, it must be good. Silly mentality, but i know it's recession, I also know the majority of my customers are friends and family. someone in an etsy forum asked me about this and it got me thinking. we'll see...

i also have a review here! thanks adeline!

aaaaaaand i have a new website. when i do free lance work, they always ask me for a website or business cards. i'm soo unprofessional.

enjoy your saturday!

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