Good One

I swear I have more interesting things to post about but this is hilarity to me, I must post.

After talking to a friend about my lack of enthusiasm for chores, I had an encouraging conversation with her. I had this sudden burst of energy to clean my house like a madwoman, to work out more, you know, get things done, not just be busy.

Well, this week, I stepped on a piece of glass, disabled my foot from having any pressure on it, thus walking is killing my foot. I'm also getting sick. Like FLU sick again. It complicated things a bit in the whole issue of "getting things done". This weekend I made a long list of what needs to be done and I was so excited for it.

Whenever I need to do something, I feel like I'm stopped by destiny herself, laughing at my woes. Well destiny can suck it because I don't have time for her jokes.

Foot, you will heal and heal quick. I already have numerous scars on my feet so one more won't be that noticeable.

In the meantime, Scott said I needed these slippers to make my foot heal quicker. I can't argue with him.

he also said these pajamas will help me heal faster, too. I can't turn down a gray flannel pajama with pink and purple thick rimmed glasses with a huge bow. Even if things aren't going as I want them to be, I'm still really glad I get to laugh and take in stride. What's the point in getting angry over things out of our control, right? (btw, I wish I can have this attitude all the time)

To end on a lighter note, I sold my 2010 Calendars in one day! Hoorah! I wasn't going to make any, but people are wanting them, so I may be ordering more. If you would like one, please let me know and I'll be sure to know how many to make.

I also only have two more of these! I won't be ordering anymore for awhile, so get them while you can!

I'll also be choosing a winner for this I'm extending it a few more days, so if you haven't entered, pay no mind to the date, you still have time to enter!

Eeeep! Before I forget, Midwest Darling is hosting a giveaway to one of my photo sets. She has a very endearing post on how life was like when she was younger. As much as I love city life, I would love to one day live on a ranch, or a farm like she experienced. Read it and enter here.