Blog Awards part 21

I'm a little late on posting these! I had these on my desktop for so long. People tag me, I mean to do it, and I just get distracted, my full apologies.
The following blogs gave me these awards...

Erika, Kyla, Iida, Carly.

This is a good opportunity to boast how wonderful they portray and express themselves in their blogs.

Erika I've known for over a year, via snail mail. I'm a terrible pen pal, but she stuck around and still believes in me (lol) plus since I have I know her beyond the blog, any photo she posts is much more personal to me.

Kyla I've recently discovered. I always look forward to her posts about her crafts, her family, and her very intriguing life in general.

Iida, is one of my favorites. In a community where writing is becoming scarce, and people have more and more blog ADD, Iida goes against the masses and writes. She doesn't just write, but she writes well and her words are very powerful.

Carly is a great example of community. She is always a part of commune projects online, always has a project or giveaway of her own, and I never fail to see her name in a group of comments when I'm making my rounds.

Did I miss anyone that gave me these? I feel like I'm missing someone...please pipe in and let me know and I'll be happy to edit this!
Thank you for the awards! I love all the blogs I discover by commenting, so the next ten people to comment can have these!

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