Being Creative is For Lovers

Love is all over the blogesphere, and it's a good opportunity to bring up a project I've been working on since early Spring of this year. I'm an amazing procrastinator and I have no excuse for not posting it earlier. After getting to know a lot of bloggers this year, I noticed as individual as they are in their own aspect, I can imagine what their significant others are like. Are they just as creative as them? Are they the complete opposite? Just like getting to know a friend, I'm interested in the expand of their lives behind the computer screen.

I'm introducing a series called "...Is for Lovers". Every couple I've interviewed since February (yes, it's been that long, my full apologies) has a certain somethin' somethin' that brings out their fabulous self but at the same time carries it on to their relationship. But please don't think I'm excluding single people. I know at one point I hated the idea of being in a relationship (years ago when I single and loving it), so this is definably not the typical lovey-dovey collection. These are the questions that are uncomfortable, a little personal, and overall, bring out the fragments of a relationship not many like to discuss--communication, conflicting work schedules, the ups and downs but more importantly how they make it work. I know we can all pick up some ideas for dates, communication, and new ways to show each other some love, in any form of a relationship.

In each relationship there is a common ground, something that brings them together despite the hang ups, and in this episode, we have Christina from Down and Out Chic and her long time boyfriend, B. They are one of the most creative couples I know, and this is appropriately titled, Being Creative is for Lovers.

When you read Down and Out Chic, Christina has her own creative spirit, I imagine her mind is going a million miles an hour with all the posts, endless ideas and energy she exudes.
She rarely writes about B but when she does, there is this certain quiet confidence about their relationship that exhibits a certain partnership you can't help but admire.
As private as Christina is on what she portrays to the interwebs, she is giving us a small glimpse on how she keeps up with blogging, her etsy shop, work and B. My favorite part about what they shared? They met at a bar! She proves to us the poor adage about meeting true love in a bar! Read on...!

where did you meet?

I never thought I'd actually meet anyone worth keeping around at a bar. Ewwww, a bar? Really? Well, let me explain. I only frequent one bar in Athens. It's kind of like Cheers, you know, where everybody knows your name? Anyway, one night, my roommate (at the time) and I were really bored (I don't even remember what being bored feels like). We decided to get a drink at the bar, but seeing as how I knew everyone that frequented there I DIDN'T feel like messing with the frivolity of makeup, I DIDN'T do anything to my hair, and I was wearing my glasses (which are cool, but you get my point). We were sitting outside, it was a cold night in the middle of December, and I was sipping my whiskey, straight up in case you were wondering. Up walked a male acquaintance with another friend of his whom I didn't recognize. There B stood, all hunky 6' of him. I feverishly glanced over him and regretfully realized that I looked like I was recovering from the stomach flu, and then I noticed that he was wearing flip flops. Being the shy gal that I am, I asked him why the hell he was wearing flip flops in 20 degree weather? Boy did he have an answer for me...and the rest is history.

It seems like you don't mess around- you know what you want, and don't settle for less. How did B woo you out of all the others?
Well, your assessment is correct, I don't settle and I'm pretty confident in what I want. I especially wasn't messing around at the time I met B as I was in the throes of investigating child abuse and I couldn't handle any sort of drama in my personal life. B was incredibly charming when I met him, and he remains consistently so. I know it's cliche, but that first night we talked for at least 6 hours, until the sun rose, and I knew I would be with him. I wasn't nervous that he wouldn't call, I wasn't nervous that he wouldn't feel the way I felt, and I never doubted him. I knew he loved me as much as I loved him and it was EASY. B is kind and he has a good heart. He listened to me talk about all the horrors I was seeing at work with an empathetic ear and he admired my tenacity and tried to understand the emotional complexity of working with abuse. His intelligence took me off guard at first and later I discovered his endless supply of creativity. He cooks, reads ceaselessly, sings, plays guitar, draws, all the while remaining accessible and present. For me, B doesn't just stand out above the rest, he's set apart.

Your blog regularly discusses a budget, what's a date night for you and B?
We'll we're kind of homebodies. We both work a lot so when we have time together, we just want to relax. B likes to cook and he's damn good at it (um hello!) so he'll whip something up, we'll have drinks and then cuddle on the couch watching TV shows on Netflix (we don't have cable). Mexican, margaritas and a table full of friends is also a popular date for us. When we're not actually on a "date" you'll find us at home creating, drawing (sometimes each other) and listening to music (or B will playing the music).

Opposites attract, or so they say. Name how you and B contrast each other but bring out the best in each other.

He's calm as a cucumber, I'm kind of a drama queen. I don't like drama in my own life, but I do relish a good story. My voice also gets really squeaky when I'm excited about something and he'll say, "honey, slow down, I can't understand you when you're squeaking." I'm driven and motivated and I think I help encourage him whereas he helps me to relax and smell the roses. We're both caretakers and I think we do a good job of nurturing each other, although I admit, I can be kind of a baby. He comes from a solid background with a supportive family, whereas I've always been kind of a loner and never had much of a family life. We've taught eachother a lot. I don't care if it sounds cheesy but he makes me want to be a better person. He's shown me a love that no one else has and for a long time I didn't think I deserved. Learning to be loved is harder for me than loving but he's patient and I'm impuslive and somehow, we've met in the middle.

Thank you Christina and B!
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