6,768 Miles Apart

6,768 Miles Apart is a photo project I have with Ana B. from On Dressing Up. We take photos everyday, and collect the most meaningful, beautiful, obscure or just moments that are captured in an instant we had no idea happened; we are, after all, behind the lens. Sometimes we tell stories with our photos, sometimes the photos tell the stories themselves.

For those of you that have followed us from the beginning, a big thank you and a bigger hug! I know the introduction to each one may become worn reading it every time, and we appreciate your commitment to this project as we have committed to it.

You can peruse the archives here and here.
Read how it all unfolded here
We are also big supporters of Her-Der, and the transatlantic lens project.
6,768 Miles Apart is expanding our territory and bringing our camera along. We are going to be doing 100 Things.
Ana on the left, myself on the right.