2010 Calendars

Dear Lovely Readers,

I'm making a limited run on 2010 calendars.
If you are interested in a calendar, please email me no later than tomorrow to make a reserved listing for you. Tomorrow is the last day to order.

If you want specific photos from my shop, no problem, we can discuss through email, and I can make you a custom one without any extra rates.

Some info about the calendars:

$20, plus free shipping to the US! woohoo!!

For international rates, it's $5 extra, which will pay for shipping and handling.

*Professionally printed


* You may choose which photos you would like from the shop or I can surprise you (I have the photos match the month/season).

*You can even frame the photos, much cheaper than buying them in the shop.

*The front cover is matte finish, and the photos are glossy. The calendar format is a matte finish, so you can write your events.

*Large font for the partially blind (like me!)

Rhianne and Hanako took the only two available, so you get a chance to have one, too!

♥♥♥♥ Thanks for your support! ♥♥♥♥