I'm in the process of making our second bedroom a sewing/craft/office. My office right now is my laptop and basically me on my bed right now. As much as I love Costco and saving money, it's really hard to store 100 rolls of tp staring at you in a room where you want creativity to soar. I'm still working on that but while I was cleaning out the room, I found some treasures I forgot I had. I love my camera collection and last year I got this amazing Koni Omega Rapid camera, with different lenses to explore and different formats and backings. It would rip my shoulder off my arm if I tried carrying it in my bag, so this is a photo adventure in the making.

Also, I can't believe I forgot about this! Scott bought me a typewriter from UO for Christmas and it has been collecting dust under all the other junk collecting dust. I have some for decor, but this is a legit working typewriter, and I abandoned it. I'm a bad wife.
Of course, only I would be the only person to abandon a real autographed screenplay. From my favorite film. Ever. I appreciate everything I have, and please don't think I just throw it and forget about it. I just sort of just forget about it (but it is on a list to get to).
One of my goals from my last post is to be more organized. I'll be posting more goodies I find!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, we're are going San Diego, going to see the Get Up Kids, and checking out some open houses.
I've heard San Diego has some amazing vintage shops and I'll be doing some (window) shopping!
Speaking of vintage, I have a guest post on vintage coats on Through The Looking Glass.
Another post worth reading for vintage guidance is Down and Out Chic's Top Five Reasons To Shop Vintage. It takes vintage shopping to a higher level.